World Premiere of Wild Rose and the Horseman

I’m thrilled to announce that book #2 is up on Smashwords. Wild Rose and the Horseman follows Eva and The Irishman, Eva and Liam’s epic love story. WildRose and the Horseman ushers in the second generation of the feisty and lusty Dady-Mattson-O’Neill family.

It’s the early 1900’s. Ellen, the beautiful and brilliant daughter of Eva and the late Victor Mattson, decides she wants to be a doctor like her stepfather Liam. As she gets older, all kinds of obstacles begin to show up. Can her biggest obstacle to her dream come in the form of alluringly carnal Sean O’Neill who takes her places sexually where she can completely let go of the reins? But will she stay true to her desire to go to Medical School when she realizes she’s in love with Sean?

Head to Smashwords where you will find Wild Rose and the Horseman under Adult Historic Romance. It’s listed as a very reasonable $4.99. Eva will always be free. If you haven’t checked out Eva and the Irishman please do on Smashwords.

You can download both books in any ebook format at Smashwords. Wild Rose will soon be available at your favorite retailer, (Eva already is) including Apple Books, Nook, and others. Both will be available at Amazon soon.

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