Waiting for the Debut

Self-publishing is happening! I have a great professionally produced book cover by Tatiana Vila of viladesign.net that was reasonably priced and took about a week to have completed (see it in the column on the right). My sister Annette has been working on the ebook formatting. She’s mastering the process, and has moved forward with things like completing the front matter and back matter. I’ve already submitted my dedication and my acknowledgements to her. We’ve done the copyright, disclaimers, and a blurb about the author – that’s me – and table of contents. What Annette has told me about the total preparation, it is beyond the capacity of my luddite brain to understand, so, I’m so, so grateful for her hard work.

We started the process to self-publish in earnest about a month ago. Each day, each week is one step closer to the debut of Eva and the Irishman on Smashwords. We’ve been eyeing my birthday July 9, as the day. It’s such a thrilling time, but, at the same time quite nerve-wracking. The skeptic in me still sees that unfathomably large warehouse at the end of Indiana Jones with my novel somewhere in there. But, if we market the book the way Smashwords highly recommends, it won’t get lost in that “warehouse” of bizillions of self-published books. I believe … I believe … I believe.

Who knew ten, even twenty—hell, thirty years ago, I’d be writing romance novels with sex in them, and with no plans to stop? Even though I taught Special Education which is no easy task and I loved it, I never saw myself doing something as creative as this. It is truly mind-boggling. It blows my mind that I’ve written a million words, give or take, in six years. I can’t wrap my brain around that one.

Waiting in the wings to join Eva on Smashwords is the second novel in the series Wild Rose and the Horseman. Since my sister is working out the bugs with the Eva ebook formatting, it shouldn’t take long at all for that next novel to be prepared for ebooks. Our target is four to six weeks for that novel to be up for purchase after Eva is debuted. Then, when the professional editing of Wild Rose Ranch is complete, we will get that uploaded. Maybe that will happen around Thanksgiving. With the third novel, I will have enough for a boxed set.

The research shows that ebook readers prefer long novels. Well, then. I have good news for those readers. My novels run around 200,000 words, give or take. The longest one is close to 240,000. That’s 960 standard publishing pages of well-developed, lovable characters, excellent story lines, humor, dramatic tension, and (as my editor Kate Gleason calls it) toe-curling sex. Stay tuned, lovers of adult historic romance.

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