The Genre That Chose Me

I’ve always loved a good love story. Dr. Zhivago, Anna Karenina, Tristan and Isolde, Outlander, and yes, even Love Story, back in the late 60’s, have all inspired me. I’m currently watching Victoria on PBS. That’s right up my alley. My favorite movie of all time is Dr. Zhivago, the one with Omar Sharif. It’s no wonder to me that I would be inspired to write Romance.

In the beginning, the genre that best describes my story morphed from Romance to Historic Romance. Then, when I knew I couldn’t write a story without sex scenes, I added Erotic to the Historic Romance. Quite recently when I realized that Erotic Historic Romance had a specific formula, I wanted to have my work stand out from the rest of the bunch. How did I do that? I added Smart. Smart Erotic Historic Romance, the thinking woman’s erotica. I’m certain to the bottom of my very soul, there are highly educated women who love Erotic Historic Romance. My story lines are great and not just about the sex.

I can’t fully express just how much I love the characters who span three generations of Dadys and O’Neills in six novels so far (and subsequent short stories to fill in the gaps that Eva and the Irishman presented). The characters have evolved into multi-layered flesh-and-blood human beings. Like we are, the characters are imperfect and make mistakes. What makes the eventual couples come back together, despite seemingly impossible odds, is their commitment to each other and the ability to forgive. Don’t we all want that, ladies? The whole idea is to create a story that has relatable characters, just like us.

It’s the great thing about Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. She’s created undeniably relatable characters even though there is the fantasy about time travel, which was ingenious on her part. Kudos to Diana. Like hers, my story lines are engaging with highs and lows, keeping the reader turning the pages. It’s what I look for when choosing a book to read. And to all my eventual readers, dig in and enjoy!

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