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I truly am astonished at the pictures on The Weather Channel of Hurricane Harvey’s aftermath. I’m also proud of our fellow human beings—firemen and women, police, all those out there making their rescues. I’m especially proud of those unofficial men and women, going out on their own to see where they can help, even if it’s a risk to themselves, doing things like checking abandoned flooded cars for anyone who may still be stuck in them.

A couple of young men said they were out there helping, saying something like “we’re out here because of Grace.” Grace isn’t a person, it’s Inspiration. But, I also have a feeling that some of the many video, sound bites, and pictures of stranded people will bring on some sort of discussion on preparedness. And, I still don’t understand why residents, even after they’d heard the calls to evacuate, don’t. But, that’s always going to happen for whatever reasons people have. I will hold the highest and best for all those who have been impacted, and all those charged with the clean-up.

On to other things:

Steadily and surely Eva and the Irishman is being downloaded from Smashwords. I thank you for taking a chance to see what this epic love story is all about. Thank you to all those who have also checked out my website and blog. The second novel Wild Rose and the Horseman has a smattering of partial downloads. Your interest and curiosity is so appreciated. Each day, I take several peeks on the Smashwords Dashboard where I can see the numbers, bit by bit climbing. Now, I’m looking forward to the reviews. If you are reading Eva at this point in time, I’d love to hear from you.

In the meantime, I’ve come up with a skeleton of the 7th novel in the series, which is very thrilling. A few weeks ago, I didn’t have this much. I know what the title is going to be and what’s basically going to happen to the characters. It’s a fairly big project. I’ve already started the research and much more is needed. It will be a combination of character driven, and plot driven. It’s not my plot. It belongs to history, then the characters will drive the “meat” of the story. Just like the other novels, it will have plenty of dramatic tension and hot sex.

While I’ve been building up to be fully inspired to start that 7th novel, I’ve been re-editing one of the short stories from the series. It’s called Agrafena, and it’s the story of one of the characters in Eva Maki’s origin story from the 1st novel whom we lose knowledge of, but shows up later. Then, the characters in Agrafena are primary ones in a later, non-series novel with the working title of Thread the Needle.

More next week on anything and everything.

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