Meet Some of the Characters in The Sweet Fragrance of New Mown Hay

As shown in the story write-up of Book 4, Sweet Fragrance of New Mown Hay, this is Robert O’Neill’s story. We know Robert very well as part of the Dady-O’Neill clan on the Wild Rose Ranch in the Eva and the Irishman adult historic romance series, by me, Janne E. Toivonen. This is a list […]... Read More

And even more characters in Eva and the Irishman – America

Kelly Ann Sullivan: She was born and raised in the Irish neighborhood of Chicago in abject poverty. When she’s a young child, her father abandons her and her mother. It’s rumored Kelly’s mother resorts to prostitution, inviting men into their tenement in the slums, leaving Kelly vulnerable to those with bad intent, and a mother […]... Read More

Main Characters in Eva and the Irishman, first novel in the Eva and the Irishman series.

Finnish Characters: Part One, Origins, 1890’s Eva Maki: Pronounced AY-vah. A country girl, she’s just turned eighteen. Still very much a child, she’s on the cusp of womanhood. She’s discovering the wonders of young men her age. Tall and strawberry blonde, she’s strong and independent, and the eldest of three girls, all cut from the […]... Read More