So Excited, Thrilled, and Jazzed

Soon, my present and future readers, the second book of the Eva and the Irishman series, Wild Rose and the Horseman will be up on Smashwords for purchase. Eva will always be free, and the rest of the series novels will be very reasonably priced. I also filled out an interview on Smashwords and you can read it here. If you haven’t downloaded Eva and the Irishman you can do that here.

I’m really pleased with the number of downloads Eva and the Irishman is getting since our premiere on July 25th. I’m sure it’s due to a great introduction and synopsis, and, it’s not your garden variety Adult Historic Romance. As I periodically say, Eva and the Irishman novels have multi-dimensional, relatable characters, whether they’re the main ones or the minor ones. There are fantastic story lines, and, of course, we can’t forget the hot monogamous sex. It’s meaningful to the characters and how they all go through that milestone of falling in love. Later in the series, Liam tells some of his grown grandchildren, “it’s what makes the world go ’round.”

Going off topic a bit, I’ve been going through some milestones myself, of the parental kind. My daughter, who will be twenty in November, has been venturing out further from hearth and home with her friends. Just last night she and a group drove to Hampton Beach, NH to celebrate one of their birthdays. That in itself isn’t bad. The drive is over two hours. But, they did the drive in the middle of the night to see the sunrise at around five in the morning.

We live in the southwest corner of the state near Keene, and there’s no direct way other than secondary roads across the bottom of the state to the highways near Manchester to get to the Seacoast. Living where we live is rural. On long stretches of road there are no street lamps as on expressways in big cities. Here, it’s pitch black at night, even between our town and Keene or Brattleboro, VT. Not often, but there are collisions of cars and moose or other wildlife. Yes. Moose.

To make things even more worrisome last night, it was raining lightly when she and her friend Hanna left our house. They picked up their friend Zack in Keene and headed out at about 2:00 am. Overnight, I managed to get some sleep, and she called about 7:30 this morning (Sunday) saying they’re fine, that the beach is fine and the sunrise, gorgeous. I hope she got some good pics. I’m sure she did.

It’s still hard for me, her mom, to let go. But, it’s imperative that I … we, as parents do let them go. After all it’s our main job to make them independent human beings. I’m a lucky one, in that my daughter doesn’t drink, smoke, or do any kind of drugs and has managed to find good friends of that ilk. I’m also lucky, too … appreciative really, that, although we’ve had our growing-up moments together and still sometimes do, Libby and I are close. It is a matter of trust. Trust that she has a head on her shoulders and trust that in spite of everything shitty that’s going on around the planet, it’s still a benevolent world we live in.

My next test … she’s driving with her friend to visit an aunt and uncle … in Rochester, New York. Then, back again, after which she will start her sophomore year at UNH. Jeez.

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