No Cookie Cutter Used Here

I had my six novels and three short stories in the series and two other unrelated novels done under the genres of historic romance before I realized a formula actually exists. I used no formula. I trusted the download when I sat and wrote. I wasn’t inventing the story. I was using my strong love for the characters and the historic era to open myself and let the story flow through me and onto the page. I believe it’s just what any other creative person does.

When I became more conscious of what my role was as a writer, I let the characters guide me in that open state. It was an epiphany to me, because when I write, I am the characters. For example, a good actor, in my opinion, lets the character flow through her or him, having been drawn to it, or loving the character in the first place. In essence they become the character. It takes skill on the actor’s part to interpret that character that he or she is embodying. Same with architects and chefs and poets and painters and potters and screenwriters … you get my drift. It takes a good writer to interpret the story coming to her. Now, there are many people who love the formula books. They are popular. That’s great. I’m happy for those authors and celebrate with them their good fortune. Even if I had known about the formula I probably wouldn’t have used it. I’m like that. A rebel all the way. Ask the last supervisors I had. This time though, it’s with a cause.

In the beginning there was a strong desire for me to write a love story, a story that if I found it on a book store or library shelf, pulled it and read the synopsis, I would hug it to my chest and with bated breath, take it home to snuggle up and read it. Yeah, that was a little on the bizarre side, but I think you know what I mean. There are extensive origin stories for my main characters, but that’s how it downloaded. Far into the editing of all of my writing, I discovered that those background stories in Eva and the Irishman made their inevitable meeting much more powerful for me as a reader and not just the writer. You the reader completely understand where each of them is coming from. It’s just like our own lives. We know all our trials and tribulations. And, when our life comes together with the right person it’s impactful. If we’re paying attention, it’s cathartic. Everything that has happened to us good or bad has so much meaning when the right one comes along. Just like us, for Eva and Liam life begins again. I suppose that is my formula throughout all my novels. The characters have to discover what they don’t want. It’s the only way to get to what they do want. Isn’t that true for all of us?

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