Meet Some of the Characters in The Sweet Fragrance of New Mown Hay

As shown in the story write-up of Book 4, Sweet Fragrance of New Mown Hay, this is Robert O’Neill’s story. We know Robert very well as part of the Dady-O’Neill clan on the Wild Rose Ranch in the Eva and the Irishman adult historic romance series, by me, Janne E. Toivonen. This is a list of the major characters in Book 4 during Robert’s time in NYC, and not a complete list.

Cora Patterson: The first woman Robert attracts with his youthful good looks, unassuming nature, and the inherited O’Neill smile. It’s a short, yet significant chance meeting for Robert.

Nuala Flanagan: (pronounced NEW-la) Robert’s mother’s first cousin in 1920’s NYC, Greenwich Village. He rooms and boards with her and her family while he attends the Police Academy.

Maureen Flanagan: Nuala’s sheltered sweet daughter. Just a year younger than Robert, and disabled, Maureen and Robert develop a strong familial bond that has everlasting effects on Robert and the Flanagans.

Joe Flanagan: Nuala’s husband and father of Maureen and her younger brother Dillon, has a significant permanent injury from working the dangerous subway expansion of NYC, and has lost much of his will to live.

Seamus Donovan: As a new cadet, Robert is first paired with this seasoned Irish beat cop on the streets of Lower Manhattan. A kind gentleman, Seamus begins Robert’s training as a street cop. Raised in the neighborhood, Seamus remembers Robert’s parents growing up, and is a friend of the Flanagans.

Louise Earhardt: At least ten years Robert’s senior, Louise is beautiful, youthful, and wild. She, too, is attracted to Robert, and end up having an influence on him he never thought possible on the night they meet.

Police Commissioner, Richard Earhardt: A puzzling man to Robert, the Commissioner is instrumental in guiding Robert behind the scenes through a well-deserved promotion, as young a police recruit as he is showing major potential right away as an officer of the law. Richard Earhardt is also Louise Earhardt’s husband.

Vince Russo: Born and raised in Little Italy, Russo knows much about the crime-ridden underbelly of the city and is Robert’s first partner on the Detective Squad. Russo is a seasoned veteran of the NYC Police. Robert learns invaluable tricks of the trade, while Russo, who seems to sense great potential in the rookie, lets Robert take the lead in many of the cases.

Bridget Carney: The Greenwich Village dress shop clerk, she’s sweet, shy, and pretty. Good friends, she and Robert are the proverbial ships that pass in the night.

Katherine Crosby: A bit older than Robert, she’s one of the first women who makes it onto the newly formed Women’s Foot Patrol (an historical police fact in 1920’s NYC) and then is promoted to the Detective Squad. She’s assigned to team up with Robert and Russo. Attracted to each other, Crosby plays a short-lived, active part in Robert’s burgeoning skills as a detective and ultimately, his adulthood.

Alma Connors: A secretary at the NYC Bureau of Prohibition, she comforts Robert on a night he gets devastating news about a close, personal friend.

Coming Soon to Smashwords Ebook distribution site: Book 5 of the Eva and the Irishman adult historic romance series: Where the Mountain Touches the Sky, set in the ‘30s. And further down the Road, Book 6: Home for Thanksgiving, set in late 30’s, pre-WW2.

Book 7, Wild Rose Vigil, set during WW2, has just gone to editing. It’s the unofficial final book of the series.

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