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Thank God, my sister Annette, who’s lived in Santa Rosa, CA for more than two decades, was not “seriously” affected by the Tubbs Fire, one of the several Northern California named fires that recently devastated that region, and the most notable. She and her housemates were luckily in an area of the city that ultimately did not have to evacuate, although they were set to, just in case. She said that she was up 39 hours straight waiting for that evac order. I can’t imagine the horror of it all, either fleeing from the flames, to the stress filled fear of the fire coming one’s way, to losing everything, including loved ones. Thankfully, that evacuation order never came for my sister and her housemates plus one cat. The wind had suddenly died down, and with the superhuman efforts of firefighters, the progression of Tubbs was halted to about one to two miles from my sister. They ultimately lost electricity, gas, and phone/internet for a few days.

She has good friends who’ve lost everything from Tubbs, in what turned out to be a raging firestorm—a probable mix of terrain and wind, creating the tremendous speed at which it moved, quickly destroying homes, businesses, and the beautiful flora that had flourished from the wonderful winter rains, not to forget the lives this fire took. There’s a video floating around on social media from a Berkeley CA fire crew coming to help. It shows what they were seeing on their way into the city at night. Thinking that they were going to help with a brush fire, they were figuratively blown away at the destruction still happening around them, as they drove past a K-Mart that was fully engulfed, and seeing what they had thought was an open field, but it turned out to be a large tract of hundreds and hundreds of homes that was completely wiped out. Click here to see video.

Now, the days and weeks since, have begun to separate my sister, her friends, and community members from the awfulness of it all, yet they’re all still a long way from the way it was before the fire. Many of those who were affected in a wide range of degrees will, no doubt, be feeling Post Trauma symptoms. I’m glad to say my sister is getting back on track. I’ll hold it, too, that the healing has already begun for all.


My sister Annette and I are back to formatting novel 3 entitled Wild Rose Ranch, that will be uploaded on Smashwords within the next week or two. It’s around 240,000 words—equivalent to a 960-page novel, which is the longest novel in the series. There are quite a few story lines that I follow in this one, most importantly, Liam and Eva’s children coming of age. Wild Rose Ranch, like first two, pulls you, the reader in with the continued love story of Eva and Liam, great and lovable, imperfect characters, dramatic tention, humor, coming of age, love and loss, and lusty, hearty love.

I’m happy to say I’m now finished with the professional editing of novel 4 in the series. My editor Kate Gleason has gone through The Sweet Fragrance of New-Mown Hay—my personal favorite. I’ve just finished the painstaking work. Don’t fret. It’s work that I love, putting the final touches on any novel. Soon Kate will edit novel 5: Where the Mountain Touches the Sky. In the meantime, I’ve gone back to having a great time drafting the 7th novel in the series that opens on December 8, l941, entitled Wild Rose Vigil.

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