Introducing the 7th and final novel of the Eva and the Irishman adult historic romance series – Wild Rose Vigil

It’s December 1941 and FDR has declared war on Japan and Germany. No one, not even the Dady-O’Neill clan and its patriarchs Eva and Liam are insulated from the shock and horror of the attack on Pearl Harbor and the immediate enlistment of countless Montanan and American men who all patriotically declare to defend their country.

Lives are thrown into turmoil when some of the ranch’s own head to town hall and sign up with little or no discussion. Rusty, Ida’s husband and father of two little ones enlists in the Army’s 4th Infantry and heads to Georgia. Benny signs with the Navy to become a ship’s mechanic and heads for San Diego. Eddie, who’s already a Captain in the 101st Reserves who’s come home for one last leave before a transfer to Camp Toccoa GA to train paratroopers.

Little does anyone know that while Benny heads for the Solomon Islands in the engine room of a cruiser in a convoy carrying U.S. Marines to battle, Eddie and Rusty will become a part of the largest seaborne invasion in history. And what about those left behind—a mother and father, two young wives and their families? How will they cope with the months’ long—even years’ long separations not knowing if their loved ones are even alive?

In their seventies now, Eva and Liam are still the foundation that keeps the loving family strong. How will Ellen cope with her son Eddie, who’s suddenly in love and off to war now, make sense of the whole thing? And how will the sudden love of Eddie’s life, Carrie, manage without him?

Wild Rose Vigil, the final chapter in the Eva and the Irishman series, like all the other novels, it abounds with dramatic conflict, excellent story lines and dialog, humor, familiar lovable characters and new ones to get to know and watch come of age. As in all the series novels, this one is chock full of the signature lusty amative monogamous sex that flows through the heart of the Eva and the Irishman series.

Wild Rose Vigil is available here.

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