Introducing Book 6 – Home for Thanksgiving

Introducing Novel 6 in the Eva and the Irishman Adult Historic Romance series, called Home for Thanksgiving by Janne E. Toivonen.

It’s the late 1930’s. Kelly Sullivan, David and Alice’s second born, wants to travel and have a career in nursing after she graduates. She wants to be the first of the family women not to be married and pregnant right out of high school. But she falls for the alluringly hot yet sweet Benny Covington anyway and wrestles with her deep attraction to him and staying true to her dreams including not having sex until she’s eighteen. It’s revealed that Benny’s family has a dark past. Then, Brendan Sullivan, Kelly’s younger brother, falls in love with his best friend’s girlfriend. He has a long-time dream of becoming a Marine like his father. Brendan trains and is sent to Japanese occupied Shanghai as part of the Military Police, where a covert mission changes his life forever. Also, Eddie, Sean and Ellen’s son who’s been drifting aimlessly, suddenly joins the 101st Reserves in Milwaukee.

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