Introducing Book 3 of the Eva and the Irishman, adult historic romance series

Wild Rose Ranch

by Janne E. Toivonen

I’m pleased to announce that my series’ third novel is now available on to purchase as an ebook for $4.99. It’s entitled Wild Rose Ranch. You can order here, or at most e-book retailers.

The epic saga of the Dady-O’Neill family continues with several compelling story lines that began in the previous novels, and most importantly, bursts with heartwarming stories of Liam and Eva’s beautiful children coming of age. Liisa the quiet one, Conor the emotional one, Patrick and Aili forever linked as twins, and the youngest Olli quiet yet strong, all have their own trials growing up, learning about life, love and loss, and when of age, maturing into their own as loving sensual beings.

As you read, you’ll continue to fall in love with this wonderful family. And, best of all, the sex is still hot. Not your run-of-the-mill, one-dimensional erotica, the numerous hot, sexy love scenes are integral to the substantial story lines, all with well developed, multi-faceted, sensual characters.

At about 240,000 words, Wild Rose Ranch continues with strong characters, excellent dialog, humor, tragedies, and subsequent triumphs of the heart and soul.

I humbly invite you to explore and find my growing list of work under Eva and the Irishman series, Adult Historic Romance. Also, above and beyond the blog, check out my Profile, where you’ll find a brief history and a bit of an interview to get to know me as an author and person and why I write.

My books are also available at many other e-book retailers, such as Apple iBook and Nook. (Amazon coming soon).

The Saga Continues:

Coming soon: Book 4, The Sweet Fragrance of New-Mown Hay.

Professional editing of Book 5 is underway. It’s entitled, Where the Mountain Touches the Sky, the start of the third generation of the Dady-O’Neill family and their coming of age.

Also, it is my future goal to offer Print On Demand—POD, as soon as possible, for those who like a traditional book

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