I Finally Have A Kindle Ebook Device

You’d think if I was a self-published ebook author, I should be able to read my own stuff. Of course, I’ve been reading my stuff for six and a half years now. I practically know it all by heart. No, seriously, now I can read others’ works and write reviews and join that “club.” I found a book right away, called The Fourth Friend by Joy Ellis. I’m into about a third of it and I want to see how the story resolves. I don’t have a “handle” on the full function of the Kindle Paperwhite, but although I’m still quite the Boomer luddite I’ll figure it out eventually. I’m one of those who love the idea of a three-dimensional book, and shelves of books, but I am impressed with the look and the feel of the device. The pages look like an actual book, so it’s not as foreign as I thought it was going to be. I’ll never stop buying books, but this is a nice substitute. No kidding.

Wild Rose Vigil, my newest and most likely last novel of the Eva and the Irishman series, is coming along nicely. It has a good many story lines, so getting it all into a smooth-flowing structure is going to be my greatest challenge. It’s a challenge I treasure though. It’s what I love best about writing. As I re-edit the parts I’ve written, I love the story, but there’s so much room for growth. Remember when I said the story doesn’t come out all at once? Where I see no conflict or dramatic tension, I’ll figure out a way to incorporate it. Where there’s room for a sex scene, I’ll incorporate that too.

I’ve been watching Ken Burns’ et al., The Vietnam War documentary. Watching, I’m getting a different, more thorough view of the geopolitical circumstances behind that whole era. When U.S involvement in Vietnam began, I was in elementary school. I don’t think any of us, adults either, knew of the U.S. involvement starting with President Kennedy. It was kept pretty secret. The documentary is well rounded, and covers the mindset of the powers that were, not just in our country at the time. Very interesting. Very eye-opening. At the height of the war, I was a teen heading into college, and right in the middle of it. I’m so glad for the opportunity to expand my knowledge. Thank you Ken Burns and Lynn Novick for your well-balanced documentary. It may not answer all the questions as to why, but it may give people a deeper understanding of that controversial time. And, I thank all those who served. You deserve our thanks.

One more thing: A few years ago, my daughter got me hooked on one of her favorite TV shows called Teen Wolf with Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien. I must tell you in my opinion, it wasn’t your run of the mill millennial show. That’s why I stayed with it. And what a talented young actor Dylan O’Brien is showing himself to be. Well, to make a long story short, last Sunday, my daughter and I watched the series’ final episode together, me at home, and she in her dorm room at UNH. It was hysterical how we texted each other every time something shocking or funny happened. We agreed that our favorite part was when Coach jumped out of nowhere to save two of the good guys. OMG! LOL!

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