Devotion is Promotion

I took this heading from Tama Kieves’s book Inspired and Unstoppable, a book that has been my “bible” for staying inspired. I just switched them around. It made more sense to me to use it for promoting my work. Marketing or promoting through a traditional method is not my thing. I wouldn’t know where to begin. So promoting my work from my devotion to it, is my thing. Tama’s words of inspiration along with Julia Cameron’s book called The Artist’s Way, a twelve week program to spiritually find or rediscover one’s creativity, have helped me to write eight (yes, eight) novels, with the ninth in production. All are varying word-counts, all written in the span of five and a half years (yes, five and a half). I have not stopped writing since April of 2011. I take Saturday’s off and on the other six days I write for a varying number of hours

I think about my stories all day in varying forms of consciousness. Each morning I wake up thinking about my story. When I sit down at the computer I let the characters guide me through it. It has been the second thing in my life that gets me up in the morning (my daughter having been the first since September 1998, of course). I had help, too, on the basics, the mechanics of writing from two different editors. The first one, Z Egloff, focused on the mechanics of writing fiction, basing her recommendations from a book called The First Five Pages by Noah Lukeman. The other editor, Kate Gleason, whom I would dearly like to continue to work with, not only focused on the mechanics, but on nurturing my “voice”. I lucked out (Not really. Nothing comes to us by luck or chance in this world) in that she is a practitioner of following your heart and using positive affirmations, as does my guru-author Tama Kieves.

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