Body of Work by Janne E. Toivonen

Updated October 23, 2020

Genre: Historic Fiction/Adult Historic Romance


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Eva and the Irishman: first novel in the series.

Liam Dady’s and Eva Mattson’s epic love story, with extensive separate origin stories of coming of age, love, loss, and human resilience, set against Finnish, Irish, and American historic backdrops in the era of the great European Migration to America. Ellen Mattson, Victor and Eva’s daughter, is introduced, as is the O’Neill family in Helena, Montana that become life-long friends with the Dadys. Explicit love scenes flood this epic, multi-generational, genre altering, adult historic romance series. Word count: 232,300. Free download on Smashwords.



Wild Rose and the Horseman: second novel in the series.

With Eva and Liam still main characters, this is primarily Ellen Mattson’s story. In love with young Sean O’Neill, Ellen is determined to become a doctor a full decade before the passage of the 19th Amendment ushering Women’s Suffrage into the American fabric. Sean, in deep love with her, struggles with her steadfast independence and his unyielding desire to marry her. Will nothing stop this female force of nature, including her love and fierce physical desire for Sean while she labors to find a balance between both? We follow the obstacle-strewn road of their relationship including their hot, sexual compatibility. In this novel, Eva and Liam quickly build their family, having five children of their own. Word count: 197,076. $4.99 – Order here.


Wild Rose Ranch: third novel in series.

With Eva and Liam taking a step or two back, this novel depicts in sometimes stormy detail the coming of age of each of their five children. Liisa, Conor, twins Patrick and Aili, and youngest, Olli, each have their own stops and starts growing up, and hot “first times.” Liam becomes quite the wise elder, but still has his own struggles with change. Eva, too, develops her own style of uncanny knowing, with her adult children calling her a Finn-Gypsy clairvoyant. At least 7 captivating and sometimes riveting story lines are tended to in this novel, including a grave illness for someone. Word count 241,326. $4.99 – Order here.



The Sweet Fragrance of New Mown Hay: fourth novel in series.

Coinciding with Aili’s story Robert O’Neill keeps his plans a secret and announces at best friend Patrick Dady’s wedding (Wild Rose Ranch) that he’s leaving home for New York City to become a detective. Sweet Fragrance starts when Robert is on the train to New York. Then in Roaring Twenties New York, he learns his detective skills on the organized crime-ridden streets of the Big Apple. Securely anchored by extended family in Greenwich Village, and excelling in his detective work, he’s thrust upon his own path learning about explicit sex and diving into his first affair with a wild, beautiful older woman. There’s Crime/Detective genre elements wound into this sexy historic romance. Word count: 193,301. $4.99 – Order here.



Where the Mountain Touches the Sky: fifth novel in the series.

The third generation of Dadys and O’Neills are growing up. Ida O’Neill, Sean and Ellen’s oldest, clashes with her father about a boy, Rusty Evans, who her father doesn’t approve of. Her relationship with her father is severely battered. Then Ida’s life is abruptly and significantly altered. Fear not, that Eva and Liam have a steady, supportive hand in, to help solve the difficulties. Also, Davey Sullivan, Alice and David’s oldest falls in love, having his first sexual yet brief involvement end because he joins the long-dreamed of summer rodeo circuit. While on the circuit, he becomes a bit of a star but also learns a few of life’s lessons. Also, Sean and Ellen clash about a woman horse buyer, then are shocked with a surprise. Word count: 185,478. $4.99 – Order here.



Home for Thanksgiving: sixth novel in the series.

It’s the late 1930’s. Kelly Sullivan, David and Alice’s second born, wants to travel and have a career in nursing after she graduates. She wants to be the first of the family women not to be married and pregnant right out of high school. But she falls for the alluringly hot yet sweet Benny Covington anyway and wrestles with her deep attraction to him and staying true to her dreams including not having sex until she’s eighteen. It’s revealed that Benny’s family has a dark past. Then, Brendan Sullivan, Kelly’s younger brother, falls in love with his best friend’s girlfriend. He has a long-time dream of becoming a Marine like his father. Brendan trains and is sent to Japanese occupied Shanghai as part of the Military Police, where a covert mission changes his life forever. Also, Eddie, Sean and Ellen’s son who’s been drifting aimlessly, suddenly joins the 101st Reserves in Milwaukee. Word count: 81,846. $4.99 – Order here.


Wild Rose Vigil: seventh novel and finale in the series.

A barely neutral United States is suddenly thrust into the war in the Pacific and Europe with the attack at Pearl Harbor. It’s the day after and FDR has gone before Congress and declared war while the country listens in. The Wild Rose Ranch is thrown into upheaval when several of its young men enlist, leaving the ones staying behind on a long vigil for their return. Eddie, a Captain in the 101st Airborne now and on Holiday leave before being transferred to Camp Taccoa in Georgia, meets the woman of his dreams. Rusty joins the Furious 4th, the infamous Army’s 4th Infantry Division also known as IVY. And Benny joins the Navy and is sent to the Pacific. How each man copes in training, in service, and in combat blends tenderly with how the home fires are kept burning and how the women pitch in to support each other and to help with the war effort. Eva and Liam, older now yet still fiercely in love, are still on hand to lend loving support and wisdom to. Plenty of emotional tension, love, sex, and the human resilience of all involved, all keep the story pleasingly alive to the end of the last epilogue of the series. $4.99 – Order here.



Not yet published.


The story of what happens to Eino Mattson in Eva and the Irishman after steamy goodbye sex, where he tells Eva he’s leaving the Mattson Farm for good. In his deep sorrow, he unexpectedly finds a happy home with a young woman named Agrafena a Russian Gypsy. He follows her to Karelia to start a new life away from Eva. Unedited word count: 30,468 

The Homecoming

The story of what happens to David when he leaves home for boot camp to fight in France in 1918, including when he makes it back stateside, not written about in Wild Rose and the Horseman. Also, this short story includes Alice, David’s young wife, and how she copes in David’s absence. Unedited word count: 18,372

The Meeting

When Liam and Eva go on a trip to Europe in Part 2 of The Sweet Fragrance of New Mown Hay, Eva seeks out the former lover of her late adulterer/first husband to find closure. Unedited word count: 5,935.

Wolf Rock

Takes place in Wild Rose Vigil. While Conor’s oldest Mary Margaret is the center of attention with her desire to go to San Francisco to volunteer at the military hospital the following June, he and Kathleen’s second oldest, Rebecca, has been reluctant to take further steps with her love interest, Hank. She keeps things very private. It gets complicated until Hank decides to enlist at eighteen and Rebecca is afraid that she’s going to lose him. Now barely out of high school, Rebecca is thrust into the heart wrenching vigil at home.



Not yet published.

Across the Bridge

Love blooms between a younger man Luke Horn, a soldier who returns home in 1920 to New York City from France alive and well to find his parents have died of Spanish Flu, and a handsome older woman, French-Canadian widow Sabine, in post-WW1 Northern New England. Unedited word count: 87,443.

The Coffin Maker

It’s 1775. Machias resident Amity Lawton and her two sisters and mother mourn the loss of their father. A patriot in Boston, Oceanus Bosworth is caught and pressed into service by the British Navy. He is on board the British armed vessel the Margaretta and is taken prisoner by the plucky Americans in the first naval battle of the American Revolution off Machias Massachusetts Colony. While in custody of an incompetent constable and Loyalist, Oceanus escapes. On the run, he’s reluctantly rescued by Amity Lawton. They fall in love. She has another suitor whom she can’t stand and Oceanus is there to thwart his unwanted advances. Action and adventure begin when it’s inevitable that there will be war between the Colonists and Britain. Unedited word count: 70,669.

Close to the Wind

Sequel to The Coffin Maker. Drummond MacCallum, sea merchant from Scotland is left at the altar and to get over a broken heart, decides to take his top-sail schooner the Jolly Maiden and venture into the world of sanctioned privateers for the Continentals in the burgeoning War of Independence. Drum’s life becomes more difficult when he continues to fight the East India Company’s monopoly, going head to head with one of the East India’s heavy hands. In Machias, he meets Jenny who, with her father, is embroiled with the East India Company. Based out of Machias in the far eastern end of the Massachusetts Colony, Drum meets the Bosworths, the Lawtons, the Captains O’Brien and other intrepid patriots just as the Continental Congress declares its independence from the most powerful nation on the earth. Unedited word count: 98,550

Thread the Needle

Sequel to the short story Agrafena. Two families unwittingly come together in post-Russian Revolution Karelia. The grown family and friends of long-gone Eino Mattson (Eva and the Irishman, Agrafena) of the Krupin Farm Collective, encounter the increasingly heavy hand of the Bolshevik government. An idealist, Emil, a Finnish ex-patriot who left his wife and child in America, joins other idealists in the Karelian capital. He marries Oksana. After becoming possible counterrevolutionary suspects, he and Oksana leave the city and come to the farm to live and work. Together the families find their dreams of the promised Communist Utopia could be vanishing before their eyes. Based on true historical events, including the author’s true but mostly unknown family story on who the Finnish-American character in the novel is firmly based. Unedited word count: 99,772.

Crumtown Road

A young first-generation Finnish-Estonian woman, Kai Haug and her brother Ray suffer a tragedy. Their parents have died in a fiery car crash, and her long-time arch nemesis, show-off Charlie Hampton, sends his heartfelt condolences with a note and white lilies. Deeply wounded by the loss of her mother especially, will certain revelations from Kai’s childhood be enough to let her openly love a secret crush? And will the advent of WW2 destroy that love? Unedited word count: 113,334

The Hill Sisters of Gary

Nelli remembered the stories well. From the age of nine, she’d written each morsel told by her elderly great aunts in dog-eared notebooks and carried them in her heart all her life; how in the late 1890’s her Great Grandma Wallin gave birth to five daughters in five different Waukegan, Illinois tenements, the youngest being her mother’s mother. And how, in 1907, Great Grandpa Jack, who couldn’t keep a job to save anyone’s life, unceremoniously hauled all of them off to Gary, Indiana for an opportunity in the new steel mill. The move didn’t sit well at all. Now in 1977, deep in the second wave of the feminist movement and Nelli’s own challenges of coming of age, the precious family stories have become one of Nelli’s college English course projects: to chronicle the quintessential, poignant American lives of, who she lovingly hailed, The Hill Sisters of Gary. Unedited word count: 88,241