Body of Work by Janne E. Toivonen

First two novels are professionally edited thus far.

Eva-and-the-IrishmanCover.forweb1.Eva and the Irishman: first novel in the series.

Liam Dady’s and Eva Mattson’s love story, with extensive separate origin stories of coming of age, love, loss, and the long road healing together, set against Finnish, Irish, and American historic backdrops in the era of the great European immigration. Ellen Mattson, Victor and Eva’s daughter, is introduced, as is the O’Neill family in Helena, Montana who become life-long friends with Liam and Eva. Explicit love scenes flood this epic non-formulaic erotic historic romance series.

2.Wild Rose and the Horseman: second novel in the series.

With Eva and Liam still main characters, this is primarily Ellen Mattson’s story. In love with young Sean O’Neill, she’s determined to become a doctor a full decade before the passage of the 19th Amendment. Sean, in love with her, struggles with her need for independence and his desire to marry her. Nothing will stop this force of nature including her love and physical desire for Sean as she labors to find a balance with both. We follow the obstacle strewn road of their relationship, including Sean’s heart-wrenching six-month absence. Other story lines include Liam’s discovery from a one-night encounter in Chicago thirteen years prior, and how he and Eva resolve the issue. A family member enlists and is wounded in the Battle of Belleau Wood, France. Sean and Chase Brock go into the horse stable and breeding business.


Editing in progress:

3.Wild Rose Ranch: third novel in series

With Eva and Liam taking a step or two back, this novel depicts in detail the coming of age of each of their five children. Liisa, Conor, twins Patrick and Aili, and Olli each have their own stops and starts growing up, with Liam and Eva right beside them. Liam becomes quite the wise elder, but still has his own struggles. Eva, too, develops her own style of uncanny knowing, with her children calling her a Finn-Gypsy clairvoyant. At least 6 or 7 story lines are tended to in this novel, including a serious illness for Liam.

Not yet edited in the series:

4.The Sweet Fragrance of New Mown Hay: fourth novel in series.

Robert O’Neill keeps his plans a secret and announces at best friend Patrick’s wedding that he’s leaving the Wild Rose Ranch for New York City to become a detective. His decision devastates the one he realizes he’s in love with. He stays in Roaring Twenties New York for two years. Excelling in his detective work, he’s thrust upon his own path learning about sex and the wrong relationship for him. With the right news coming from home, he goes back to Missoula for a very specific reason. He brings his love and professional expertise to make a life in Montana.

5.Where the Mountain Touches the Sky: fifth novel in the series.

The third generation of Dadys and O’Neills are growing up. Ida, Sean and Ellen’s oldest clashes with her father about a boy who he doesn’t approve of. Her relationship with her father is horribly damaged, then Ida’s life is suddenly and significantly altered. Davey, Alice and David’s oldest also falls in love, having his first brief relationship end because he joins the long-dreamed about rodeo circuit. While on the circuit, he learns some life’s lessons. Amid wild nights and sewing oats, he meets the love of his life by chance. Later, that relationship is tested when he’s critically wounded. Sean and Ellen clash about a woman horse buyer, then are shocked with a late-in-life surprise.

6.Home for Thanksgiving: sixth novel in the series

Continues with the third generation. It’s pre-WW2. Kelly Sullivan, David and Alice’s second born named after David’s mother, wants to travel and have a career in nursing. She wants to be the first of the family women not to be married and pregnant right out of high school. She falls for alluring Benny Covington anyway and wrestles with her deep attraction to him and staying true to her dreams. It turns out Benny’s family has a mysterious past. Brendan, Kelly’s younger brother falls in love with his best friend’s girlfriend. He also has long-time dreams of becoming a Marine like his father in WW1. Brendan is sent as a China Marine in Japanese occupied Shanghai where a covert mission changes his life forever. Eddie, Sean and Ellen’s son joins the 101st Airborne reserves.


1.The Homecoming

Depicts what happens to David when he leaves home for boot camp to fight in France in 1918, not written about in Wild Rose and the Horseman. Also it fills in the gaps for Alice, his young wife, when David is absent.


Depicts what happens to Eino in Eva and the Irishman, from Eva’s origin story after steamy goodbye sex, telling her he’s leaving since his brother has taken away his happiness. In his sorrow, he unexpectedly finds a happy home with a young woman named Agrafena. He follows her to Karelia and has a happy six years until a tragedy befalls him.

3.The Meeting

When Liam and Eva go on a trip to Europe, she seeks out a former lover of her first husband. After the tearful reunion, she makes peace with her after nearly four decades.


1.Across the Bridge

Love blooms with a younger man Luke, who returns from France alive to find his parents have died of Spanish Flu, and older woman, French-Canadian widow Sabine, in post-WW1 New England.

2.The Coffin Maker

A patriot, Oceanus Bosworth is pressed into service for the British Navy. He is captured by the Americans in the first naval battle of the American Revolution off Machias Maine 1775. While in custody of an incompetent constable and Loyalist, he escapes. On the run, he’s rescued by Amity Lawton, an independent young woman who’s taking over her dead father’s coffin making business. They fall in love. She has another suitor whom she can’t stand. He, the incompetent constable, plagues her with his insistence of marriage her. Oceanus becomes involved with a rebel spy ring with Amity’s brother-in-law, a privateer captain.

3.Thread the Needle

Two families unwittingly come together in post Russian Revolution Karelia. The grown children of long-gone Eino Mattson on the Krupin Farm Collective meet an American Finn. Together they find their dreams of the promised Communist Utopia are vanishing before their eyes replaced by the strong arm government of Lenin then Stalin. Based on true historical events, including the author’s true family story who the Finn-American character in the novel is firmly based.