Introducing the 7th and final novel of the Eva and the Irishman adult historic romance series – Wild Rose Vigil

It’s December 1941 and FDR has declared war on Japan and Germany. No one, not even the Dady-O’Neill clan and its patriarchs Eva and Liam are insulated from the shock and horror of the attack on Pearl Harbor and the immediate enlistment of countless Montanan and American men who all patriotically declare to defend their […]... Read More

Introducing Book 6 – Home for Thanksgiving

Introducing Novel 6 in the Eva and the Irishman Adult Historic Romance series, called Home for Thanksgiving by Janne E. Toivonen. It’s the late 1930’s. Kelly Sullivan, David and Alice’s second born, wants to travel and have a career in nursing after she graduates. She wants to be the first of the family women not […]... Read More

Meet Some of the Characters in The Sweet Fragrance of New Mown Hay

As shown in the story write-up of Book 4, Sweet Fragrance of New Mown Hay, this is Robert O’Neill’s story. We know Robert very well as part of the Dady-O’Neill clan on the Wild Rose Ranch in the Eva and the Irishman adult historic romance series, by me, Janne E. Toivonen. This is a list […]... Read More

Premier of The Sweet Fragrance of New-Mown Hay

The Sweet Fragrance of New-Mown Hay by Janne E. Toivonen BOOK 4 of Adult Historic Romance series Eva and the Irishman Published March 1, 2018 by Smashwords. I’m as equally proud of Sweet Fragrance as I am of the first three in the series. As I wrote this book, I really fell in love with […]... Read More

Excerpts From Eva and the Irishman

by Janne E. Toivonen Book 1 the of Adult Historic Romance series, Eva and the Irishman.   Part One, Origins. Belfast, Ireland, Late 1890’s, Dady Mansion. Excerpt 1. Conversation between the Dady’s cook Annie, and Liam (The Irishman): The next morning, Liam came whistling into the kitchen. Annie smiled at him. “I don’t believe I’ve […]... Read More

A New New Year’s Resolution

I’ve never been excited about a new year. I suppose the party aspect used to draw me in, but no more. Not for a long time. This new year is no exception. And, I’m not one for resolutions in the traditional sense. Example: “On January 1st, I’m going to start …” I avoid January 1st […]... Read More

The Holidays are coming, the Holidays are coming … Can we make it our own?

Here we are again. My “beef” is like many others’. The Thanksgiving-Christmas-Hanukkah season seems to rush up into our faces each year, seemingly faster and faster as I get older. This year it wasn’t even Halloween yet, and a smattering of Christmas commercials started showing up on the TV. Holy moly, people. Let’s just keep […]... Read More

Introducing Book 3 of the Eva and the Irishman, adult historic romance series

Wild Rose Ranch by Janne E. Toivonen I’m pleased to announce that my series’ third novel is now available on to purchase as an ebook for $4.99. It’s entitled Wild Rose Ranch. You can order here, or at most e-book retailers. The epic saga of the Dady-O’Neill family continues with several compelling story lines […]... Read More

Loving My Writing

FIRST AND FOREMOST: Thank God, my sister Annette, who’s lived in Santa Rosa, CA for more than two decades, was not “seriously” affected by the Tubbs Fire, one of the several Northern California named fires that recently devastated that region, and the most notable. She and her housemates were luckily in an area of the […]... Read More